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The Cornerstone of Future Training and Knowledge Preservation with XR

our vision extends beyond the forefront of learning and development innovation. We see a future where virtual reality is the cornerstone of knowledge preservation and transfer within every organization. Our commitment lies in advancing XR technology to make training solutions not only effective and engaging but also repositories of collectible know-how. We strive to build a global workforce that is not only more skilled and adaptable but also deeply connected to the rich tapestry of their organization’s history and expertise. Through our dedication to excellence and innovation, we aim to transform the landscape of continuous learning and development, ensuring that vital knowledge is seamlessly integrated and transferred through every layer of workplace training, powered by the limitless possibilities of XR."


Revolutionize Training with VR

To revolutionize corporate and educational training by harnessing the transformative power of virtual reality. We create immersive, interactive VR training solutions that engage learners, enhance skill acquisition, and preserve the invaluable wisdom and experiences of industry experts.

Drive Innovation and Excellence

To advance XR technology, making training solutions effective, engaging, and repositories of collectible know-how. We strive to build a global workforce that is skilled, adaptable, and deeply connected to their organization’s history and expertise, transforming the landscape of continuous learning and development.

Our Team.

Imagine a room where art and science collide. Filmmakers and visual effects artists sit side-by-side with software developers, blending creativity with technology. This unique fusion at YVR is our cornerstone. We transform the way people learn, delivering innovative and impactful solutions, especially for the business industry.

Thun Varanan

Chift Executive Officer l CO-Founder

Ataman Thongyou

Chift Innovation and Oportunity Officer l CO-Founder

Charinton Pinsuwan

Chift Creative Officer l CO-Founder l Lead VFX

Thakansapat Puwanakijjakorn

Project Lead Director

Supahkok Samruamjit

Senior Unity Developer

Thanaporn Lertpagornkit

Unity Developer l Lead Project Coordinator

Pattharapong Pimonsakonwong

Senior Unity Developer

Supansa Anan

Lead 2D Artist

Chayathon Playang

3D Modeler l 2D Motion graphic  designer

Aucharawadi Nariratn

Team Coordinator

Supanita Prompasit

2D Artist Internship

Onkanya Boonchaiyong

2D Artist Internship

Chanin Saemua

3D modeler Internship

Chuchip Saeyang

3D modeler Internship

Culture and Values

Our company culture and core values drive everything we do. Here's how they shape our journey to becoming a company that pushes innovation to create a positive impact on people, communities, clients, and sustainability. This is our Why:

We are Passionate Creators

We are driven by a deep passion for our work. This enthusiasm fuels our creativity and dedication, ensuring every project is executed with excellence.

We are Solution-Centric

As a team, we focus on understanding and meeting our clients’ needs and goals. We collaborate closely to develop tailored VR training solutions that deliver impactful, customized results.

We are Integrity and Humility

Honesty, transparency, and humility are at the core of our interactions. We believe in doing the right thing for our clients, our team, and our community, building trust and fostering long-term relationships while remaining humble and open to learning.

We are Relentless Creators

We are committed to exploring new ideas and approaches continually. This dedication to relentless creativity keeps us at the forefront of technology and innovation, ensuring our solutions remain cutting-edge and effective.

We are Embracing Failure

We see challenges and failures as opportunities to learn and grow. This fearless approach to problem-solving drives us to push the boundaries of innovation and continuously improve our solutions.

We are a Team-First Company

Our success is built on collaboration and mutual respect. We prioritize our team’s well-being and development, knowing that a strong, cohesive team is essential to delivering the best results for our clients.

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