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EGAT Empowering Engineers: A Cross-Platform VR Training Journey in Hydroelectric Turbine Maintenance

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Traditional Work Challenges

  1. Limited Access: Physical access to hydroelectric turbines for maintenance tasks is often challenging and risky due to their location deep within dams or in water bodies.
  2. High Risk: Due to the inherent dangers associated with hydroelectric turbines, including high-voltage electricity and confined spaces with limited airflow, only trained professionals can safely perform maintenance tasks.
  3. Downtime Impact: Traditional maintenance methods often require shutting down the turbine, leading to downtime and revenue loss for power generation.
  4. Skill Development: Learning how to perform maintenance tasks on hydroelectric turbines traditionally involves on-the-job training, which can be limited in scope and effectiveness.

Unlocking Benefits Beyond Training:

Our cross-platform VR training solution revolutionizes engineer training, providing an unparalleled experience in multiplayer collaboration and accessibility across various devices. Engineers can seamlessly enter the virtual environment together, enabling shared viewing and real-time discussions prior to commencing work. This shared viewing feature allows for a collective visualization of the entire maintenance process, fostering enhanced collaboration, meticulous preparation, and informed decision-making. Through our immersive multiplayer platform, engineers engage in real-time discussions, addressing concerns, sharing insights, and collectively comprehending intricate maintenance tasks. This collaborative environment not only enhances training outcomes but also contributes significantly to risk mitigation by identifying potential hazards in advance. Ultimately, our cross-platform VR training empowers engineers to work together seamlessly, ensuring safer, more efficient, and effective maintenance operations.


The benefits of our VR training extend far beyond individual skill development:

Pre-Work Visualization: Engineers can foresee the entire maintenance process, including complex tasks and potential challenges, before initiating actual work. This pre-work visualization enhances preparation and planning, leading to more efficient and effective maintenance operations.

Real-Time Discussions: With shared viewing, engineers engage in real-time discussions, exchanging ideas, addressing concerns collectively, and facilitating informed decision-making.

Knowledge Transfer: New engineers and those unfamiliar with maintenance tasks gain a comprehensive understanding, accelerating their learning curve and boosting confidence.

Management and Planning Insights: Team leaders and managers gain valuable insights into the process, facilitating better planning, resource allocation, and workflow management.

Process Visualization: The entire team gains a holistic view of rotor maintenance, fostering collaboration, communication, and a shared sense of purpose.

Risk Mitigation: Through immersive training, engineers understand potential risks and safety protocols associated with rotor and dam maintenance, leading to a safer work environment.

Alignment and Calibration: Ensuring proper alignment of turbine components and calibrating systems for efficient operation.

Knowledge Collection: Our platform serves as a repository of valuable knowledge, ensuring that best practices are captured and shared across the team.


Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand: EGAT



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