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Challenges with Traditional Training Methods

Traditional Challenges: In traditional technician training for on/off valve assembly in electric power plants, learners often face limited opportunities for hands-on practice. With real equipment being expensive and not always available for training purposes, technicians may struggle to gain practical experience, leading to gaps in their understanding and confidence.

VR as a Game-Changer: Our VR training program revolutionizes this approach

By providing a highly immersive and realistic learning environment. Trainees can now practice on/off valve assembly procedures repeatedly in a safe and controlled virtual space, gaining invaluable hands-on experience without the limitations of traditional methods.

How It Works:

1.Step-by-Step Assembly Training: Our VR training program guides users through the assembly of on/off valves in electric power plants. Using VR headsets and controllers, trainees interact with virtual equipment and follow detailed instructions for each assembly step. This includes identifying components, understanding their functions, and executing precise installation techniques.

2.Exam with a Challenge: To evaluate proficiency, our VR exams present users with realistic challenges without Thai helpers or guidance. Trainees must apply their acquired knowledge and skills independently, showcasing their competency in on/off valve assembly tasks. This exam format fosters self-reliance, boosts confidence, and ensures readiness for real-world scenarios.





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